A new initiative for 2021, our mission is to

Harvest unpicked fruit
and ensure nature’s abundance
does not go to waste!

Every autumn, in and around Swansea, a paradox unfolds. Fruit, particularly apples, grow abundantly while food poverty is widespread. For many, fresh fruit is an expensive luxury while much of our own locally grown fruit is wasted. We’re all familiar with the sight of trees left unpicked, their fruit decaying on the ground. We aim to harvest the fruit from these trees and share it with the people who need it most.

We’ve partnered with Fare Share to collect and distribute the fruit to 24 organisations addressing food poverty including Matt’s Cafe, the East Side Food Bank and Unity in Diversity. So far we’ve publicized the project via social media and people have sent us over 70 tree sites. The project now requires more administration and specialized equipment. When we’re not using it, this will live at the Environment Centre Tool Library, to be borrowed by the public.

Ways to get involved:

  • Trees: If you have or know of fruit trees or an orchard that needs harvesting and you would like to share the harvest.
  • Volunteer: You would like to volunteer to help harvest and distribute the abundance of fruit from these trees.
  • Receive: You would like to receive free apples and fruit for your community/ food bank/school/social enterprise/charity etc.
  • Promotion: You are interested in creating a stall to share the abundance and raise awareness about the project.
  • Care: You would be happy to help teach folks how to prune their trees and care for them.
  • Storage: You have or know of spaces where excess fruit can be stored.


If you are interested in any of the above
please get in touch as we would love to talk to you.

Email us: info@sweetpickings.org